Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carving Inspiration

Since I am always looking for inspiration, I thought my beloved readers would be in search of the same. To that end, I have procured permission from the talented and generous carvers of the All About the Carve V swap to share their efforts. The premise of this swap was to keep the focus on the carve and to choose an image that would be somewhat of a challenge; you know, something you just want to 'give a go' to see if you could do it. As in the previous four All About the Carve swaps, the results were stunning...

"Look at Me!" by Baqash

"Jazz" by Green Jello

"Charleston by Erte" by MN Compass

"1896 Printer's  Embellishment" by Maude

"Cape Meares" by Padawan

"Crusader" by SHH

"Portrait of a Desert" by Shorty

"Renaissance Beauty" by Tiger Pride

"A Smile of Thanks" from the humble swap host :-)

I really like these All About the Carve swaps because they give the artists complete freedom to carve whatever their heart desires.  I enjoy seeing what each contributor chooses and am always thrilled with the results of these swaps.


Mama Cache said...

Kudos to all of you -- obviously up for that challenge!

Mark said...

Excellent carvings - what a great swap.

Ari C'rona said...

That was a fun swap! Excellent carving all around! :o)

Shorty said...

Yes, it was very fun!

Keep em' coming SHH!


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