Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where have you been, SHH??

Well, just when you thought I dropped off the earth, I show up at a Mini-Meet!

What a fun time at Wright Park in Tacoma.  Celtic Moon 77 was kind enough to host this fun, informal get-together.  She must have arranged the weather, as was glorious!

Beautiful Wright Park

And the exchanging and stamping frenzy begins...
Sweep, The Dickens Family and Vintage Stamper are unaware of the photographer...
Padawan and SN Bone are more than happy to smile for me - yay!

I was so happy to meet up with Buppsters and her beautiful daughter again, along with meeting new friends K-Nuts and her witty hubby.

Famous letterboxers, left to right:
The Dickens Family, Frisbee Dan, Soto 4, Celtic Moon 77, Sweep, K-Nuts (& daughter), Padawan, Buppsters, SN Bone, T-for-Turtle, Fledermaus and Vintage Stamper

*insert witty comment here*


Mama Cache said...

I even recognize a few faces from way over here! ;-)

So glad for all of you that it was a pretty day.

Ari C'rona said...

Fun pics, my friend! Thanks for dragging me along!

Dang... I still can't think of a witty comment.


Stacy Christian said...

"How many times do I have to tell you? Keep those ink pads away from me!"

Anonymous said...

I am Fledermaus and I very much enjoyed meeting a great bunch of Letterboxes at the Wright Park event in Tacoma, WA.

All I need to know is: When is the next event?


Frisbee'r said...

This is my first Letterboxing event. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. There is a lot of passion in the feelings you have for this activity.

Anonymous said...

This event was soo much fun! I must have been paying very close attention to stamping, usually I am a "ham" when a camera is around! ha ha! It was great meeting everyone!!

Jennie from "Dickens Family" = )

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