Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This ever happen to you??

Sometimes, the hardest 'boxes to find are you own...wouldn't you agree?

Hmmmm...who wrote these clues, anyway?

I think I need a compass...which way is north, again?

I just don't remember it looking like this when I planted...I know this trash wasn't here!  Yuck!
  Black rock, red rock...all these rocks look the same color to me...  
I think I'm gonna need some hand sanitizer after this.

(OK, so the photographer was laughing a bit by this time... hahaha!)

Ah!  Sweet success!  I knew we'd find those clever, sneaky 'boxes!  

Padawan is a really, really good sport!


Ari C'rona said...

Oh, man, I can't stop laughing! Hey, wait a minute - that's me I'm laughing at... think you're pretty funny, don't you, Master Jedi? :oP

Mama Cache said...

You two just made my day . . . I am still chuckling.

Yes, Padawan is a good sport! An excellent one!

"X" said...

Laughing hysterically over here. I love the sequence! Perfect.

Baqash said...

Too funny, too true. I did a quick look for one of my boxes on my way down and couldn't find it. Was ready to mark it unknown when a bunch of finds came in on it. Boy o boy did I feel silly.

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