Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Hey, I'm still alive!  *waving to all my letterboxing friends*

Yes, it has been quite a while since my last post.  In reality, to say that my life has been turned upside-down would be an understatement.  There are times in life when situations and emotions are so pressing that being creative just has to take a back seat...or is just plain ole non-existent.  I'm sure we all know what that feels like, unfortunately.

(stamp size 2.5" x 2")

In an effort to maintain sanity, I started this carve a couple of weeks ago.  Now, it doesn't usually take me long to carve a stamp; a stamp of this size would typically take an evening's effort.  Not this time, I'm sorry to say...I just finished it (and, it's not my best carving, either...*frown*).  I have always liked this image and it has been sitting in my 'interesting images' envelope for months and months.   I never even imagined that it would be so appropriate for a season in my life. 

This is the first time since I started letterboxing and enjoying all it's various off-shoots that I have nothing upcoming.  No swaps (contributing or hosting) or postal rings, no 'boxing excursions planned, no clues printed, no major projects in the works.  A strange feeling, that is.  Although I have been requested to carve for a friend and said yes to another interesting writing endeavor, it still feels oddly empty in the craftroom.  I am confident that my creative spark will ignite again when this present storm passes.  But for now, no obligations.  This is probably a good thing.

On a side note, I know a lot of you are collecting pathtags.  When they were first being talked about both locally and on AQ, I was so deeply mired in personal circumstances I just couldn't focus on anything additional in my life.  Sounded interesting, but too much at the moment.  However, in sorting the last of the inchie swap projects, my friend Tara sent a pathtag along with her contribution.  What a sweet surprise!  I wanted to share it with y'all...

Isn't that cool?

I love the Eeyore, too - seems fitting, somehow... :-)

Thank you, Tara! 

Thank You

While I have your attention, I would like to also take this opportunity to say a humble and heart-felt THANK YOU to all the letterboxers that have reached out to me when they found out of my struggles.  For those of you that sent a sweet note or extra LTCs, to those that have prayed for me and sent good thoughts my way, for those that put up with my distraction while 'boxing (Kelly, that would be you!), and for those that sent extra postage in with their swap contributions and to those hosts that put up with my lateness - THANK YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart - thank you for showing care and compassion to a fellow letterboxer.  There has been so many times that the kind words of a letterboxer has been a lifeline in ways they could have never imagined.   I appreciate it so very much.

So, onward and upward.  I pray this season is nearing it's end and a new, more promising season is waiting.  Hopefully, it will include more letterboxing and creative letterboxing projects.

your friend,
~SHH :-)


Ari C'rona said...

Lovely and fitting carve, my friend. This season will pass, I'm sure. :o)

Mama Cache said...

That carve is so full of emotion. It speaks volumes.

Liz, this blog was so well named from the start. Thank you for your transparency and your constant care.

I'll speak for myself and for any others who might not have the words to say what they know: You are unique and special in this group. A giver, an encourager, and an inspiration you are -- we owe you many thanks.

Lisa said...

Peace, my friend. I only have the most basic idea that things are not all well with you, but I think of you often, especially on Fridays.

"X" said...

Waving back to you, my letterboxing friend!!

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