Monday, February 14, 2011

Inchie Yard Stick

(click on the pics to see them larger...)

This FABULOUS idea came from our friend Maude, and I give her full credit cuz...


Some leftover paint scrounged from the paint bin and a cheapy paintbrush, a 69 cent yardstick from Lowes and 30 or so of the most incredible inchie addictions makes a most impressive piece of artwork!

I love how the yardstick was wider than an inch so the inch markings show through the paint.  I affixed the inches with 3-in-1 glue (which dries so quick - instant gratification!)  To hang, I simply stapled a criss-crossed scrap piece of ribbon to the back - so easy!  Whole project was completed in less than an hour tops.

What a super way to display some of the coolest artwork ever!  The photos just don't do these little gems justice.  Thanks to all my inchie buddies for being a part of this oh-so-fun swap!

The fabulous artists that made this project possible include: Padawan, For the Kids, Mama Cache, Camp Fire Lady, La Tigresse, Milk Money, 3 Blind Mice, Lionsmane, Dolphinwanderer, NCgirls Mom, Maude, Snail Mail, Red Cruzsader, BfloAnonChick, Brandicat, Tiger Pride, Ona Journey, Geometry Junkie, Full Moon Bunny, Dartmoor Dreamer, SWGS, Bookboy, Wildhair, Mamajama, Cookie Cutter, MN Compass, Celtic Cross, Magical Music Man and Cottontail.


Ari C'rona said...

Cool! Can't wait to get mine ready for display! :o)

Mandy said...

Okay, I LOVE this idea! Thanks for posting!

Mama Cache said...

So cool! Go Maude! Go SHH! By the way, I like that there is an inch of conversation between two road trips. ;-) *nodding*

Goofy girl said...

Beautiful!!! I love it. Now to get some yard sticks.

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