Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a little craft project...

Haven't been doing much carving lately, partially due to major life changes and partially due to the serious lack of my favorite carving material (PZ Kut).  But, I did try my hand at decoupage with some very fun results!

what started out as a simple box and some cool scrappin'
paper became the box for some interesting coasters...

I was going for the antique-y look to go with some
other boxes I have going on in the room...

I added a key embellishment to compliment the key
motif in one of the papers I chose.  These cork 'coasters'
are really big stamps - at least they were by the other stencils and stamps...

you've gotta love flowers and leaves  :-)
Also, I brushed on some gold leafing around the top edge.

even the inside is fun; I used paper with an antique feel

the bottom - yep, it's me!
One thing I would suggest, if you are about to embark on some decoupaging of your own; use Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage (I chose the matt finish).  It is far superior to Mod Podge, and doesn't leave you with a tacky project (that's what I hate about Mod Podge).  It's almost twice as expensive as M-P, but it's well worth it.  (I also used this to seal the cork 'coasters' so they wouldn't crumble with handling and use - worked great.)

A word about paper; I selected three 12x12 sheets that were closely related and making sure one had an accent color to make the project pop.  Mindfully measure and cut carefully, and layout your design prior to gluing down (using the Collage Pauge).  I found that using a sponge 'brush' gave a more even application than a brush, and no stray brush hairs in your finished project.  Also, if doing a box shape, don't neglect your rotary cutter and cutting mat - these tools worked great to cut excess paper off the sides.  Use a piece of fine grit sandpaper to marry edges together and then bust out your favorite corresponding ink pad and sponge dauber to give it a soft, aged look around the edges.

Tim Holtz has some incredibly cool feet that you can attach to a box such as this, but they were a whopping $7 (which is cheaper than I found them online) just for the feet.  Well, that was out of my budget on this trip, but I can add them later, if I want.

Have you ever tried a decoupage project?  I'd love to hear about it!


Mama Cache said...

I'll say it again -- my mom would have absolutely loved you. She would have enjoyed your creativity so much and would certainly have followed your blogs.

It was she who could have talked with you about decoupage projects. My world is full of unfinishedness; hers brimmed with accomplishment. Like yours.

Ari C'rona said...

That is really cool! Can't wait to see it! :o)

Amanda from Seattle said...

I am eager to try Collage Pauge, I am a life-long user of Mod-Podge and have had issues with it in the past.

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