Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sprucin' Up

I certainly like to use clipboards - they are my best friend when in the middle of a project with lots of details. I almost can't think through the details of a larger project without one in my hands!  In my current project of de-cluttering my home, I have corralled a few of my beloved clipboards.  I have to admit, they were lookin' a little worse for wear.

After being inspired at a quaint antique store I had the pleasure of visiting this last weekend, I decided they needed a little sprucin' up...a much needed a face lift.  

This first one was definitely the workhorse of my clipboard entourage - it's an old fashioned, heavy one which has a real feel of authority to it.  *smile*  I decided it needed some antique-looking decoration.  I used  Collage Pauge and some fun scrapbooking paper - see what you think...

it's like a giant LTC!

This clipboard rode around in my shul bag for assorted smaller projects and the much needed word-searches.  It already had a Star Wars theme; I had stamped a bunch of my SW stamps onto the bare wood.  But, this - yeah, I like this much better.  I found this paper at Ben Franklin, and it had to come home with me.

(it looks the same on the back)

But, this last one is the fun one.  Inspired by a recent acquisition of a special coffee LTC (thanks MiSs cHiEvOuS!), I chose some of my favorite rubber stamp art out of my massive collection to grace this clipboard.  I look forward to sharing this one with others in the future.  I'm sure they will be in awe.

I used spray sealer prior to adding the
Collage Pauge so the ink didn't run.

I think these are artistic enough to just hang on the wall - I love them!


Ari C'rona said...

Those are absolutely fabulous! :o)

Mama Cache said...

Now, that's just plain cool, my friend.

I am ever impressed. ;-)

Bungalow Boxer said...

Love them!!!!

A couple of questions: 1) what specifically did you use to set your stamps before decoupaging them to your clipboard?

2) Is Ben Franklin really still around???

Bungalow Boxer

Kaaren said...

Yay! That's one of my teeny ones on the last picture!

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