Thursday, July 9, 2009

A 9-Stringed Lyre?

I have been kind of on a kick about the backsides of my LTCs lately and creating special theme-specific sig stamps just to add a bonus to my contributions. The above stamp was carved to grace the back of a new LTC that is in the works called Kinnor David. It is for the Instruments swap I just joined, hosted by Reebox. I wanted to carve my favorite trumpet player with his beloved instrument, but it was already taken (where was I when this swap opened??). So, I chose the kinnor, which is an ancient harp played by King David and in the Temple. I found the image online as clipart; I like the wreath around the outside, but am not so much a fan of the ribbon weaving through the instrument. (stamp size is about 2" square)

Learn more about this beautiful instrument HERE.

Back when I was in Jerusalem, I was privileged to visit the Temple Institute. The Temple Institute is dedicated to preparing all the implements that will be required for service in the Temple, when it is built. I well remember the displays of harps (sometimes called the 10-string lyre). Here is a pic from their website:

Kinnor David, or David's Harp

I managed to sneak a pic of the grand display of the Temple, as well, thanks to my tour guide. You are not supposed to take pics inside the Institute, but I didn't know and he let me get by with a couple before I was caught. Oops!

So, did you count how many strings my stamp has? It's supposed to have ten...think anyone will notice?


Mama Cache said...

I count ten white strings on this lovely harp! Some things are a matter of perspective. (I am repressing a perfectly good pun.)
So like you to raise the bar again with these theme-based sigs.

Ari C'rona said...

You have to really count closely to figure it out! It's awesome! :o)

Nitrocat said...

Theme specific sig stamps? The mind boggles.
S~picturing her kitty with harp in paw

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