Thursday, July 9, 2009

Famous Letterboxers: Mickey Mouse & Family!

Today, Triple T & I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and exchanging with Mickey Mouse (aka Linda), her letterboxing husband Pete and their wonderful son, (also named) Pete! They were delightful, and they found something quite unique in my craftroom...

young Pete, Qui-Gon, Pete Sr., Obi-Wan and Mickey Mouse

...yep, you're right! The Jedi Protectors!

Mickey Mouse, Pete and Pete hail from Connecticut and are here on a business trip. In addition to business in Aberdeen, they will be spending some time enjoying all that the PNW has to offer, including the beach and the Quinault forest. Here's a pic taken by young Pete - great job, by the way!

SHH, Qui-Gon, Triple-T, Pete Sr., Obi-Wan and Mickey Mouse

Good thing they like Star Wars!


Mama Cache said...

I hope they enjoy their time in the PNW as much as we did. I already know they started things off right!

Ari C'rona said...

Yep, that was fun meeting them, exchanging stamps, and posing with the Jedi! :o)

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